mardi 5 janvier 2010

Sans surprise...

D'après Emma Coleman Jordan de Georgetown University, 92% du management des 17 récipiendaires des largesses du TARP sont restés en place. (via TBP)

Jordan notes that the folks who run the major banks today — the senior executives, directors, managers, etc. — are essentially the same exact folks who ran them (into the ground) 5 and 10 years ago:

“The prospects for a robust prudently guided financial sector have been substantially clouded by the fact that the both the corporate governance structure and the executive leadership of the financial sector remain largely unchanged—92% of the management and directors of the top 17 recipients of TARP funds are still in office.”

You read that correctly — 92% of the TARP recipients’ senior management remains essentially unchanged post-crisis . . .

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Ze Tatitude a dit…

Probablement que 99% des gens qui etaient a la CIA/NSA/Armee sous Bush le sont toujours sous Obama.

Et en France, 100% des elephants du PS sont toujours la, a part Jospin qui organise sa sortie finale. Ouf, un de moins!