mercredi 28 avril 2010

Deux posts d'Atrios...

Qui parleront aux gens qui ont travaillé dans les produits structurés, les "skimmers" que dénoncent atrios. Je suggère de suivre le lien du premier post:

Fab Fab's Fee Fees

Some skimmers provide the illusion of expertise, but it's just a scam.
-Atrios 14:37


The Skimmer Economy

Some day I hope more people realize that large segments of our economy don't actually do anything (health insurance, much of finance/real estate), they simply position themselves in the middle of transactions and take their cut. That isn't to say there are no transactions which legitimately require skilled middlemen, or that there is no legitimate function for the finance and banking industries, but to a great degree the skimmers just don't do anything productive at all. Except take our money.

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