lundi 12 avril 2010

Greenspan se dédouane

Via Daily Kos. La dernière des tentatives de Greenspan de réécrire l'histoire.

De Daily Kos également sur les impôts payés par corporate America:

The fact that many ultra-lucrative U.S.corporations pay no taxes to federal government is hardly a new event. In April, 2004, the General Accountability Office found in a study sought by Sen. Byron Dorgan that "[m]ore than half of US corporations paid no federal income taxes during the boom years of the late 1990s." And an August 2008 GAO report sought by Dorgan and Sen. Carl Levin found that "[t]wo out of every three United States corporations paid no federal income taxes from 1998 through 2005." While many corporations did not pay taxes because they had net losses for those years, that wasn't the case for some of the big guys. In 2005, for instance, 25% of large U.S. corporations paid no taxes on revenue of $1.1 trillion.

Could one reason ExxonMobil paid $0 in taxes have to do with the $27,430,000 it spent on lobbying Congress against job-killing, confiscatory socialism? Nah.

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