dimanche 23 mai 2010

Jim Rickards Blogo Compliant

Je ne sais pas grand chose sur Jim Rickards mis à part le fait qu'il était chez LTCM et que je suis d'accord avec ses récentes déclarations sur les CDS et Merkel (via ZH):

Also discussed is Germany's ban on naked shorting, which Rickards applauds, not so much as a policy move, but as a symbolic stand by European sovereigns against the bullying power of Wall Street, something we fully agree with is long overdue. "Merkel will definitely be supported by others. I know the French were a little but upset that she did it, but they are not upset because she did it, but that she did it first. Sarkozy will join in."
Some critical insight from Rickards in terms of European geopolitics is the following: "People get so hung up on economics, and efficient markets, and all that which has been largely discredited at this point. But these are NATO allies. Greece controls the ceiling of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean, they have a very robust military budget. Same thing with Spain. Spain's been a very important NATO ally throughout the cold war, Italy etc. Can you imagine if during the cold war the Soviet Union had undermined all the countries, it would have been the start of World War III. And yet we are letting investment banks do the same thing. We are letting investment banks undermine the finances, cast doubt on the credibility, create civil unrest, riots, death. It's the kind of thing that in a military frontal assault would be repelled, but somehow we let Wall Street attack the countries and do nothing about it. I am glad that someone is finally standing up, and I expect that Merkel will be joined by others. I am not against speculation. Let speculators put up some money, let them do on an exchange, let the pricing be transparent, let them do variation margin... This no money down shadow credit default swap market is completely destructive."

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