jeudi 6 mai 2010

Pour l'histoire...

Quand les agences abaissent la note de pays européens au pire moment (quand on pense qu'on va avoir droit à un peu de calme après la conclusion d'un accord sur la dette grecque par exemple), c'est l'oeuvre de Wawa, le complexe Wall Street-Washington (et Stiglitz qui fournit les headlines qui vont bien, c'est du même ordre). Et ceux qui disent qu'il s'agit d'une "conspiracy theory" sont soit des imbéciles, soit payés par les banques.

Sur l'inféodation des agences de notation à Wall Street (via Calculated Risks):

Rating Agency Testimony: "Must say yes" to Wall Street

by CalculatedRisk on 4/23/2010 03:34:00 PM

From Kevin Hall at McClatchy Newspapers: Executives testify: Bond-rating agencies corrupted themselves

Testifying under oath before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, officials who were closely involved in giving investment-grade ratings to complex financial instruments backed by shaky U.S. mortgages described how they were pressured to give Wall Street what it wanted.
Called to appear before the panel, Richard Michalek, a former Moody's vice president and senior credit officer, described the ratings process for deals that could bring more than $1 million in fees as a "must say yes" atmosphere.
The testimony is pretty amazing, but how is this being fixed?

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