dimanche 20 mars 2011


Pour ceux qui veulent aller au-delà de la simple fleur au fusil:

- Lybia War without policy
- Obama Libya's goal AOL
- "No-fly" may not stop Gaddafi says Air Force top uniformed leader (intéressant car opinion donnée quelques heures avant l'autorisation par l'ONU)

“Is it your assessment … that the situation is deteriorating to the point where it probably would require more than just a no-fly zone to reverse the momentum the Gadhafi forces have obtained?” asked McCain, the committee’s most vocal proponent of military intervention.

“Sir, that is exactly my point,” Schwartz responded. “Is a no-fly zone the last step or is it the first step?”

“But your assessment of the battlefield situation of this point, to reverse the momentum ...” McCain asked before being interrupted.

A no-fly zone, sir, would not be sufficient,” Schwartz said.

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